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Welcome to the Immigration Insights and Issues Blog! (III Blog for short)

Immigration policies and practices are ever changing due to the political nature of the area and the complexity of the legal issues related to the subject.  We and our clients are subject to the whims of adjudication shifts based on Executive Orders or Presidential Proclamations as well as internal policy changes that provide little if any prior notice.

So, the contents of this blog will try to provide a heads up on developing trends, issues, and changes, which businesses, investors, and individuals should know to plan or address their potential decisions related to business transfers, investments, and immigration compliance among other topics.

Our cross-border experienced immigration team regularly assists clients with a wide variety of matters related to the international movement of personnel. We also work closely with lawyers in Dickinson Wright’s other practice areas, such as tax, corporate, labor and employment, employee benefits, healthcare, litigation, cannabis, as well as sports and entertainment law to assure immigration issues are not viewed in a silo to achieve the best results for our clients. With offices in the U.S. and Canada, our immigration team works seamlessly across borders to ensure that our clients’ businesses continue to run smoothly as they navigate through the immigration system.

We encourage you to check out our first blog post written by Heather Frayre. Heather tackles the issue of avoiding claims of citizenship and national origin discrimination when hiring foreign workers. She walks you through common scenarios that can happen during the process and provides answers to very important questions that every business should consider throughout their hiring and onboarding process.

We hope you’ll find our blog helpful, bookmark us at www.immigration.dickinson-wright.com, visit us often for the latest developments and practical information to help in the day-to-day challenge regarding immigration issues.

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